Auto Activation

The appropriate control will activate automatically when a pan is placed on the zone.

Auto Pan Detection

This function can determine if a cooking vessel is on the selected zone and allow heating. As a safety feature this will ensure that other metallic items such as keys and cooking utensils are not heated.


Allows the user to programme a start and finish time for oven cooking.

Bridge Function

Unique to FlexiZone hobs, bridge function allows front and rear zones to be operated as one. Myriad uses including large cooking vessels, keeping multiple pots warm or simmering gravy in a roasting dish.

Cast Iron Pan Supports

Stylish and sturdy cast iron pan supports on gas appliances will stand the test of time. The non-slip surface resists pots and pans slipping.


Catalytic self cleaning liners are positioned on the side walls and rear wall of many Award ovens. These reduce the maintenance of the product abosorbing grease particles which then catalyse.

Charcoal/Carbon Filter Available

Certain rangehoods may be used with charcoal or longlife carbon filters. Whilst we recommend the use of 150mm rigid or semi-rigid ducting to exhaust rangehoods to out doors, sometimes ducting is not possible...

Certain rangehoods may be used with charcoal or longlife carbon filters. Whilst we recommend the use of 150mm rigid or semi-rigid ducting to exhaust rangehoods to out doors, sometimes ducting is not possible. In these instances carbon filters may be used which will need replacing every 3-6months. Alternatively a washable carbon filter may be used where available which can be cleaned up to 15 times at 3 month intervals. Please note as the rangehood will now be exhausting the full volume of extracted air into the room noise levels will become higher as a consequence.

Clean-Air Function

The button selected Clean-Air Function will operate the motor on low speed for 10mins in every hour to ventilate your home. Perfect if you have gone out immediately following the evening meal!

Cool Door

To minimise external door temperatures many Award ovens feature doors with triple glazing or fan cooling.

Double Grill

Improves grilling performance across the entire oven tray.

Fan-Assisted Cooking

Using a fan along with upper and lower elements improves baking performance.

Fan-Forced Cooking

Utilising a ring shaped element in the rear of the oven (in addition to upper and lower oven elements), these Award ovens will provide superior baking performance on multiple levels at the same time.

Flame Failure

A safety protection system for gas burners. Flame failure will cut off the gas supply in the event of a boil over or other cause of the flame being extinguished. A feature of all Award gas appliances.


Latest generation induction technology where zones are more powerful, larger and may be bridged.

Hi-light Elements

Unlike old fashioned ceramic hob elements Hi-light elements are much faster to reach temperature for more rapid cooking times.

Keep Warm Function

Maintains a steady 70 degrees celcius.

LED Lights

Low energy use LED lights also have the benefit of much longer life than traditional or halogen lamps.

Meat Probe

For perfect results on large portions of meat. The meat probe remains in the food while cooking and turns the oven off once the desired core temperature is met.

Melting Function

Maintains a steady 42 degrees celcius.

Over Heat Protection

Will turn the hob off automatically in the event of pot boling dry.

Pause Function

In the event of being interrupted the user may pause the hob, and then un-pause later and all zones will continue at the last setting used.

Perimeter Aspiration

The airflow is passed through a small opening around the perimeter of the filtering area increasind speed and ensuring fumes and steam do not escape the perimeter of the hood. The grease filters are hidden from sight but conveniently accessed for cleaning.

Pyrolytic Cleaning

The ultimate in self cleaning. A pyrolytic cooking cycle will safely heat the oven to a very high temperature reducing grease particles to ash, the cooling the oven back down. Once completely cool the ash is simply wiped away with a soft damp cloth.

Remote Motor

Certain rangehoods offer the benefit of remote motors. A remote motor may be installed away from the rangehood body to achieve ample extraction with minimal noise.

Different motors are required for installation in the roof cavity, on an external wall or on the roof. Advance series models come with a specific motor to suit the model. Other products require additional specification of a ceiling space or outdoor wall mounted motor.

Removable Inner Door Glass

For ease of cleaning certain oven models feature a removable inner door glass.

Residual Heat Indicators

An indicator light will glow after the element/zone is turned off to warn if the cooking surface area is still dangerous to touch

Silent Series

A unique and patented high quality motor operates at a much lower noise than that of many rangehoods. Silent series hoods have no unique ducting requirements yet still move up to 800m3/hr of air at an operating noise level of 49dBA.

Simmer Function

Maintains a steady 94 degrees celcius.

Soft-touch Control

For ultimate ease of cleaning and elegant clean looks.

Spill Over Protection

Will sense a large spill over covering the controls and turn the hob off.

Stainless Baffle Filters

Baffle filters use a labyrinth to filter grease out of the passing air. These filters are dishwasher safe and lend a commercial aesthetic to the filter design.

Stainless Filters

Stainless Steel filters are cosmetically appealing and dishwasher safe.

Telescopic rack

Supports the oven rack without tipping.


Will turn the appliance off after a user set time (ovens, hob elements/zones) or after 15 minutes (rangehoods).

Traditional Baking

All Award ovens offer users the option of a traditional baking mode (in addition to fan cooking). We know NZ users still like the option of traditional baking performance.

Wok Burner

Triple ring gas wok burners will offer ample heat exactly where required for successful wok cooking.