Solis Egg Boiler & More


The Solis Egg Boiler & More is, as its name suggests, literally more than just an egg boiler. This multifunctional appliance is also suitable for the preparation of poached eggs, custard, scrambled eggs and omelets, and for steaming vegetables.

The egg tray holds and cooks up to 7 eggs from soft-boiled to hard-boiled eggs. By the use of just one control button, you switch the appliance on and off and can adjust the cooking time. The lid of the egg boiler ensures perfect boiling thanks to its steam outlet opening. An additional cooking tray consisting of 2 parts can be used for poached eggs, steaming and omelettes. The cool-touch handle allows for safe cooking.

The egg boiler is also very practical: As found in the design of many Solis products, the Egg Boiler & More features clever storage as well. The storage compartment in the base of the appliance wraps and hides unused cable, so your kitchen counter is looking tidy and neat at all times. When there is no or too little water in the boiler or if it has already evaporated, the overheat protection switches the appliance off automatically. This function protects the appliance from permanent damage caused by excess temperatures. For extra safety and ease of use, non-slip rubber feet make sure the appliance has a steady grip at all times.

The egg boiler is equipped with a measuring cup for the cooking water with a piercing pin to pierce eggs prior to boiling. A sound signal lets you know that the cooking process has ended and your food is ready to be eaten. When done cooking, simply clean the parts of the egg boiler under running water and you are all set for your next breakfast, lunch or any other meal.


Stainless Steel